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SelfLube is the leading U.S. manufacturer of mould and die components. Much of what we make has broad application in tooling, special machines and all manner of industrial equipment.

We make both conventional and self-lubricating components in both inch and metric sizes. Our product line consists of more than 10,000 standard part numbers.

We also make custom components. This gives rise to a potentially infinite number of part numbers, which means that we can generally accommodate any size or special configuration a customer might need.

We supply a large number of customers, mainly selling direct to save customers time and money. We are an extremely reliable supplier with a track record of 99% on-time shipping and with seven consecutive years of ISO 9001:2008 quality audits with zero non-conformances.

SelfLube began business in 1990 when Engineer and Management Consultant, Phil Allor purchased some used CNC equipment from a local die shop and began producing self-lubricating wear plates.

We started out small with just a few local tool shops as customers and have grown continuously to where we are today. The secret of our success, which really isn't much of a secret, is that we provide consistent high value to our customers.

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